Xingtai Steel was awarded the A Level of Competitive Strength Steel Enterprise
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  Recently, MPI (China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research) released the levels of comprehensive competitiveness of iron and steel enterprises in 2017. After 2016, Xingtai Steel was again awarded the A Level of Competitive Strength Steel Enterprise.

  Comprehensive competitiveness rating system of steel enterprises in 2017 was based on the theory of three factors of production and it combined with the trend of modern economic and social development and the characteristics of steel industry. The system was divided into 3 units, 13 elements and 25 indicators. A lot of enterprises, including most of the key statistics of the iron and steel enterprises, participate in this selection, and 103 steel enterprises can be rated. The crude steel production of these enterprises accounts for 86 percent of national output. There are 85 enterprises which was rated A+,A,B+, or B (The enterprises with strong competitiveness and above), and the total crude steel production is about 630 million tons, accounting for 78 percent of national output.

  As the national biggest enterprise which specialized in most complete varieties of special steelwire rod, thepercentage of refining and high quality special steel is one hundred percent, and the percentage of new high-tech products is upto 70 percent. The whole series of wire rods we produce include extreme low carbon steel, low carbon steel,medium-carbon steel, high carbon steel,alloy Steel and stainless steel. They are applied to the field of automobile, high-speed rail, large-spanned bridge, machinery and new energy, etc. Among the products, the cold heading steel, pure iron, stainless steel series 400 and other leading productstake up the biggest market share in China. These products play an irreplaceable role inChina's special steel industry.